Where is Mack's daughter?

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity - Wm. Paul Young, Brad Cummings, Wayne Jacobsen

Mackenzie, Mack for short, has it all, a wonderful wife and five kids. One day he packs up his three younger children for a camping trip. They make a couple stops before their destination to go sight seeing. Once they get to the camp site a young couple immediately befriends them. The couple get real close with the youngest of the children, Missy. As the older children go on tiny adventures Missy is to little for, the couple and Mack find things to entertain Missy. On the last night of their camping trip Mack's two children go canoeing while Mack packs up, and Missy alone coloring. Mack is suddenly interrupted by a loud splash and the sight of his daughter climbing out of the water and his son drowning. Mack rushes into the water to retrieve his son, and when they emerge from the water he spots the empty spot where Missy was planted coloring. Frantically Mack searches the whole camp and alerts authorities. With no trace of Missy and a little ladybug pin left where she sat, Missy was announced missing.

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants is a romantic book about a young, unlicensed vet. After his parent's death he had traveled with no money and nowhere to go. He ends up at this circus where he sees the love of his life, Marlena, and her beloved white horse. After the show he comes across a commotion with Marlena and her husband August, the Ringleader, about the horse's performance. August thought beating the horse would solve the world's problems. Jacob came up and asked if he could help, Marlena refused but August was all for it. Come to find out the horse was extremely hurt and had to be put down. Jacob imediatly landed a job as the circus vet. The heartbroken Marlena hated Jacob, until August bought an elephant, not just to make Marlena happy but to upstage the Ringling brothers. Rosie, Marlena's new love, had made a wonderful act once Jacob discovered the disobedient elephant only understood German. Jacob being the only one who knows German, has yet to figure out that this advantage will come more useful in time.

Is Amy dead?... Or is she alive?

Part two of the story begins with Amy admitting she has framed Nick for her death. "I'm happy I'm dead," she begins the truth with. Only the readers know that she is alive. The treasure hunt she had left for Nick had opened Nick's eyes to the fact that Amy Elliot, is not stupid. Obviously she's too smart for her own good. All her clues lead to places where Nick had committed his adultery and he finally put all those pieces together at the end of the treasure hunt. Amy was not going to divorce Nick and let him get away that easy. She felt as if she had to punish the "un-punishable sweetheart Nick". So she set it all up the sloppily cleaned up blood on the kitchen floor, trophies from cleaning out your wife's bank account, and a getaway car she had owned for quite awhile. Yeah it's a bit extreme to frame someone for your murder just because they were cheating, but Nick had lost it once on Amy and pushed her back. Amy saw the changes in her husband who went from loving her 24/7 to loving her when he wants something. The questions now is, since Nick knows about the framing will Amy be found? Also, is she even pregnant??

The plot twist in Gone Girl was UNBELIEVABLE!!! After inspecting the house, the forensic people discovered a lot of Amy's blood over the floor, which was poorly cleaned up. Also seeing as the living room was the only place signs of stuggle were present, the cops figured it was staged considering only certain things were knocked over and others weren't. Nick, with an unusual alibi, was listed as the top suspect. A Vigil was held in Amy's honor, as Nick gave his phony speech Noelle Hawthorne had came up and dramatically asked Nick, "What have you done with your PREGNANT wife?!". Revealing Amy is with child. The next day, Nick had gotten the best lawyer a man who "killed" his wife could get. Opening up to Tanner Bolt, Nick also reveals a secret of his own, he has a mistress. Cheating on pregnant Amy who's gone missing really makes Nick look like a piece of scum.

After breaking it off with Desi, she felt his presence in every dark corner. Finally going their own way, Desi and the stalker girl kept getting ahold of Amy. Nick took a well interest into this and brought it up to the police who, with no big budget, ignored it. Marybeth demanded the police check them out. Throwing a huge fit about them not doing anything to find her daughter, she resolved to Nick going. "How much will it cost?...You go Nick I have the money." off with a mission, Nick is going to find his wife.

A voluntary search party started, Amy's parents blew up pictures of Amy and had them all over the city. Nick, Marybeth, and Rand (Amy's parents) had sat and rumbled through all the possible creeps who wanted and wanted to be Amy from the Amazing Amy books Amy's parents had wrote about her. They brainstormed and came up with two specific people who had real issues with Amy her entire life. One girl who fantasized of being Amy began as acting, dressing and becoming the real life version of Amy's best friend in the Amazing Amy series. The best friend was not enough, the girl wanted to be Amy. Looking more and more like Amy, she had started plotting ways to murder Amy to replace her. Finally after pushing her down the stairs Amy's parents got a restraining order. After the craziness calmed down, Amy met a boy named Desi. Amy loved this boy until she met his mom. Who in-coincidentally looked very similar to Amy, and with a whisper in the ear "Good luck!". Leaving Amy with the question, is that a threat or a warning?

Amy's Diary

In Amy's diary, she had explained how her marriage with Nick had gone from a real life fairy-tale to a reality stereotypical marriage. The love they had for each other was unreal. They traveled spontaneously or meeting up with friends and having no problem if the other was held up at work and didn't show up. Amy wasn't a wife who married a "dancing monkey", a man who did everything his wife told him to do just to prove their love for them. Amy made it clear that is not the relationship she was going to have with Nick. Until their third anniversary, when Nick's friends got laid off and Nick acted as if he had. Nick skipped the annual treasure hunt of all the places where Amy and him made romantic everlasting memories, and drank the night away. Confused of why hes out sulking in alcohol, Amy waits until his arrival. Watching the street lights flicker off around the usual 4-5 a.m., Nick walks in drunk enough to mention the unmentionable prenup they share between them. Hurt, Amy simply says "Happy late anniversary" and a fight breaks out. Nick, after telling Amy to "F*** off", stumbles to bed. Shocked Amy investigates the recipes of the two different bars and strip clubs Nick had adventured with his friends. Hidden in the recipes a crumpled paper with the name "Hannah" partnered with a number worried Amy that Nick might have cheated. That paper took the rest of the fight out of Amy. Retrieving, she simply went upstairs to keep their promise of never going to bed angry alive, and in unison apologized.

Conversing with his twin sister Margo, Nick was interrupted by the expected sound of the phone. Everyday Carl Pelly calls Nick with the most ridiculous things to say. For example, "Oh, your windows are cracked open, its suppose to rain today.", or "The mailman left a package at your door? Are you expecting something?". Today was different though, today he called and notified Nick that "Your front door is wide open and the cat is sitting on the steps out side.". Nick of course didn't think it was a big deal considering Amy loved the cat and would be devastated if anything had happened to it. After Nick finished his time at work, he had returned home to see that the door was literally wide open. In his words "not the 'I'm taking trash out, I'll be right back' kind of open.". Walking into what was described like the aftermath of a tornado, things smashed, flipped, and missing, Nick frantically searched for Amy. She wasn't answering her phone, or routinely calling right back. Nick knew something was wrong, especially when he found the iron waiting to straighten out a dress. Where is Amy now?

Love taking a wrong turn.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

It all started with a "Writers" party. Writers from here and there gathering to drink and have a good time. Amy a black sheep in the heard, embarrassed of being the writer of women quizzes in magazines, tried so hard to find her place of fitting in. Heading for the appetizer table, she had been stopped by the one. Nick and Amy had a love at first sight moment in my eyes. Their love seemed to be a fairy tale kind of love, which now seems to have taken a turn for the worst. When their five year anniversary arrives the "old" Amy is alive and happy and cooking, and Nick is full of fear to approach her. Is "Love" really the word to describe their relationship now?

After the death of Theo Ryder, Andrew becomes hated by all boys at harrow. The Harrow boys blame Andrew for Theo's death all because of rumors. Andrew supposedly "pushed Theo into drugs, and had overdosed". A doctor had came in to tell the students that Theo hadn't died of drugs but of natural causes. Having a rare disease that effects your lungs and is hardly ever possible to detect is the "cause" of Theo's death. Knowing the truth, Andrew keeps to himself to protect his sanity and life. He doesn't tell what he saw for the fear that he might be sent home or called crazy. Although after every storm there is a rainbow. Persephone and Andrew's relationship begin to get stronger, especially since she now is his one and only friend.


After getting settled in and making new friends, Andrew's life took a turn for the worst in just a matter of minutes. Considering Andrew is at an all boys school, he discovers there is only one female that attends Harrow. Persephone Vine, a beautiful, intelligent, clever and sarcastic English girl who begins to take interest in Andrew the American. Compelled by Persephone, Andrew did everything possible to get her attention. Even if that meant walking her down the fork in the road to her house. Departing from Persephone, Andrew realized he is lost. Wondering around to find his way back he hears a god awful sound, and going to investigate it he sees the most unreal thing possible. A scary white haired man dressed in black, tugging and pulling at Theo's dead blue body. Andrew's first one and only good friend at Harrow.

The White Devil - Justin Evans

So far the book "White Devil" starts out slow and very explanatory. It's about an American boy (Andrew) who is shipped off by his father to an all-boys English School to make right with his past decisions. With the school's extremely strict rules, Andrew's father believes the school will set Andrew straight and give him a better chance, not only for college but for life. Little does Andrew and his father know, being sent to Harrow School intentionally for the best, may turn out to be the worst.

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