Conversing with his twin sister Margo, Nick was interrupted by the expected sound of the phone. Everyday Carl Pelly calls Nick with the most ridiculous things to say. For example, "Oh, your windows are cracked open, its suppose to rain today.", or "The mailman left a package at your door? Are you expecting something?". Today was different though, today he called and notified Nick that "Your front door is wide open and the cat is sitting on the steps out side.". Nick of course didn't think it was a big deal considering Amy loved the cat and would be devastated if anything had happened to it. After Nick finished his time at work, he had returned home to see that the door was literally wide open. In his words "not the 'I'm taking trash out, I'll be right back' kind of open.". Walking into what was described like the aftermath of a tornado, things smashed, flipped, and missing, Nick frantically searched for Amy. She wasn't answering her phone, or routinely calling right back. Nick knew something was wrong, especially when he found the iron waiting to straighten out a dress. Where is Amy now?