Amy's Diary

In Amy's diary, she had explained how her marriage with Nick had gone from a real life fairy-tale to a reality stereotypical marriage. The love they had for each other was unreal. They traveled spontaneously or meeting up with friends and having no problem if the other was held up at work and didn't show up. Amy wasn't a wife who married a "dancing monkey", a man who did everything his wife told him to do just to prove their love for them. Amy made it clear that is not the relationship she was going to have with Nick. Until their third anniversary, when Nick's friends got laid off and Nick acted as if he had. Nick skipped the annual treasure hunt of all the places where Amy and him made romantic everlasting memories, and drank the night away. Confused of why hes out sulking in alcohol, Amy waits until his arrival. Watching the street lights flicker off around the usual 4-5 a.m., Nick walks in drunk enough to mention the unmentionable prenup they share between them. Hurt, Amy simply says "Happy late anniversary" and a fight breaks out. Nick, after telling Amy to "F*** off", stumbles to bed. Shocked Amy investigates the recipes of the two different bars and strip clubs Nick had adventured with his friends. Hidden in the recipes a crumpled paper with the name "Hannah" partnered with a number worried Amy that Nick might have cheated. That paper took the rest of the fight out of Amy. Retrieving, she simply went upstairs to keep their promise of never going to bed angry alive, and in unison apologized.