A voluntary search party started, Amy's parents blew up pictures of Amy and had them all over the city. Nick, Marybeth, and Rand (Amy's parents) had sat and rumbled through all the possible creeps who wanted and wanted to be Amy from the Amazing Amy books Amy's parents had wrote about her. They brainstormed and came up with two specific people who had real issues with Amy her entire life. One girl who fantasized of being Amy began as acting, dressing and becoming the real life version of Amy's best friend in the Amazing Amy series. The best friend was not enough, the girl wanted to be Amy. Looking more and more like Amy, she had started plotting ways to murder Amy to replace her. Finally after pushing her down the stairs Amy's parents got a restraining order. After the craziness calmed down, Amy met a boy named Desi. Amy loved this boy until she met his mom. Who in-coincidentally looked very similar to Amy, and with a whisper in the ear "Good luck!". Leaving Amy with the question, is that a threat or a warning?