The plot twist in Gone Girl was UNBELIEVABLE!!! After inspecting the house, the forensic people discovered a lot of Amy's blood over the floor, which was poorly cleaned up. Also seeing as the living room was the only place signs of stuggle were present, the cops figured it was staged considering only certain things were knocked over and others weren't. Nick, with an unusual alibi, was listed as the top suspect. A Vigil was held in Amy's honor, as Nick gave his phony speech Noelle Hawthorne had came up and dramatically asked Nick, "What have you done with your PREGNANT wife?!". Revealing Amy is with child. The next day, Nick had gotten the best lawyer a man who "killed" his wife could get. Opening up to Tanner Bolt, Nick also reveals a secret of his own, he has a mistress. Cheating on pregnant Amy who's gone missing really makes Nick look like a piece of scum.