Is Amy dead?... Or is she alive?

Part two of the story begins with Amy admitting she has framed Nick for her death. "I'm happy I'm dead," she begins the truth with. Only the readers know that she is alive. The treasure hunt she had left for Nick had opened Nick's eyes to the fact that Amy Elliot, is not stupid. Obviously she's too smart for her own good. All her clues lead to places where Nick had committed his adultery and he finally put all those pieces together at the end of the treasure hunt. Amy was not going to divorce Nick and let him get away that easy. She felt as if she had to punish the "un-punishable sweetheart Nick". So she set it all up the sloppily cleaned up blood on the kitchen floor, trophies from cleaning out your wife's bank account, and a getaway car she had owned for quite awhile. Yeah it's a bit extreme to frame someone for your murder just because they were cheating, but Nick had lost it once on Amy and pushed her back. Amy saw the changes in her husband who went from loving her 24/7 to loving her when he wants something. The questions now is, since Nick knows about the framing will Amy be found? Also, is she even pregnant??